Fl studio help needed Please....

Hi Guys, New to these forums,

I have a burning question to ask of someone with experience using Fl studio 10.

What i want to do is be able to apply an automated filter to just my drum channels at points in the multitrack sequencer, I.e i don't want the filter effecting other elements just the drums.

All my drums/instruments are assigned to there own channels in the mixer and each have different Eq and compression settings so i cant just assign them all to the same channel.

I have been told it is possible to somehow assign each instrument channel to a send channel and the just apply the filter to the send and automate??? But for the life of me i can't work out how to do it?

If someone could help me out it would be greatly appreciated?

I have tried making a sub-mix from each instrument channel to a send channel but then they all just take on each others effects! and that's not what i want at all. Quite simply all i what to do is apply an effect/filter to about 5 different channels and then automate without affecting each of there own unique effect channels.

Hope someone here can help, cheers guys
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Ok hard to explain with out pictures but ill try. When you select a channel in the mixer from the masterchannel a nob should apper in the send section the top nob indicating shows how much of that channels volume will be sent though the send turn it up to hear more threw it down for less. do that with all your seprete percution insturments and then add the filtering u see fit. Sorry about the spelling I make music not wright books lol. Good luck when I get home tonight ill make sure that the info I've givin you is correct. (Look for the appering nob)
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The symbol that 18 is circling is the send switch. All of the inserts by default send to the master, so if you route your kick to Insert 5 and select 5, the send switch on the Master will light up.

So once you've got all your drum elements routed to their own Inserts, click the master send switch for all of them individually so they're not sending to the master and then send them to an unused insert.

You can also send one insert to as many other inserts as you want, that's how you do frequency splitting. Send 1 to 2,3,4, EQ them all, send 2,3,4 to 5.