FL Studio ASIO4ALL drivers and exporting loudness


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I have had this problem for ages but now I really want to fix it. Whenever I work in FL the track sounds great and (most importantly) loud but when I export it in highest quality settings(both WAV and mp3 files) the final product sounds approx. 10-15% quieter than in DAW itself. I have figured out that when I change the sound driver from ASIO4ALL v2(default) to primary sound card then the track sounds in DAW as quiet as exported track. What can I do about exporting settings to make my track sound as loud as in DAW with ASIO4ALL drivers?

There´s nothing to do with master volume, it is all the time at 100%.

And oh, when i export the file and drag the exported file back in FL Studio and play it there, it sounds also louder. This makes me think sound drivers play a crucial role in this mess.

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Okay, lads, I have figured it out myself lol. The problem was too ridiculous. It turns out that when I bought my laptop 2 years ago I changed a sound enhancement settings(instead of normal I had a little bass overdrive all the time) and that made all thing sound quieter and slightly low-end heavy. Changed it back and now it seems that the it sounds okay. LOL.
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lol! I was reading your post and trying to figure out how you noticed this "flaw", since I don't notice any difference between what's been played inside FL, and the exported song.

I was thinking about, maybe, this was caused by you exporting from fl directly to mp3.