FL Problem - Help Please!


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Feb 12, 2009
Okay, I use the standard Wasp XT synthesiser to make alot of my sounds in my songs, but for some reason, now whenever I save a preset and load it back into the Wasp XT, the keys all move. Basically say I play a note on C4, but then save the preset of this synth, when I load it back into Wasp instead of it being on C4 that note has been set to C0! This is really bugging me cos C4 is the kind of standard place where I design my sounds around, and now their being set to C0 i can't play the note any lower!

Help Please??! :S
A preset on wasp XT sounds totally unrelated, if you click on the top left button on the wasp window and load a diff instrument does that channel also drop notes to C0? -- it's the piano roll notes that are dropped to C0, right?
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