Fishy - Aeolin


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Mar 18, 2010
Madrid, Spain
sounds good when you hear the "bigger picture".
but to critisize and give some constructive feedback:
the first drop at 0.46 doesn't hit the face as it should, makes it feel more like a roller than a dancefloor, could do with a better build up within the 4 bars before that drop.
on another hand, the hi hats are a bit simple which also makes it feel like a bit of a roller too. Some more hi hats and "chikahChikah" here and there would have made it top notch imo imho tbh. :P
and on the last part, variation. Don't get me wrong, I can tell your track has a good variety in the mellodies but in the drums and structure. Would have loved to hear "minidrops" each 16 bars or so, like advising the DJ the first verse is going to an end (well, this is completely meaningless nowadays but on vynil it would have been a good DJ friendly manner).

I give you this long feedback not cause I didn't like the track, it's the other way around, I really liked it, love the punchyness on the kick-snare and the mellodies but with these things could have made a perfect track >TO ME< and imo and tbh and imho and tbf and etc


sssounds so heavy...
Nov 2, 2009
Nice track man really great production, loving the synths. that shuffley drum pattern underneath everything is sweet too


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Dec 5, 2005
love the sounds man, great progression, got allot of muddyness going on which is draining the energy allot, check ur freqz across all the sounds esp bass and lower sounds 180-400hz, will help bring it all together nicely if you can even those bits out, agree with neo's points to, nice work!


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Oct 8, 2009
Nice track! I like all your synths, i like the actual notes and i love the song structure esp the build up to those arpeggios at the end. Youve got the frequency spectrum nicely filled out for most of track as well.

Criticisms: Something about your drums doesnt sit right, it could be just me and I cant put a finger on what it is but it sounds like they dont mesh together very well. maybe bring down the level of your snare and bring up the hats/shaker, throw in a bit of eq/reverb? I dunno have a play around! Also maybe get some more movement/variety going on in that main bass "owwwww" sound youve got.

Other than that, solid track, very nice!
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