Fishanopolis Eclectic Mix

My first mix I've felt is worthy of posting. (y) Mix of liquid, rollers, jump-up etc.
Mix was done on my friends setup. Old Numarks, Shot ass mixer, and Torq interface with more MP3s than I could ever sort through. Some minor sound bleed in a few spots but nothing too bad. I am learning and I'm only able to mix once a week or every two weeks more recently but I think I'm doing pretty damn good if I say so myself. I am aware that using torq or anything with a BPM readout is cheating to a certain degree, duh! Get over it and enjoy the mix!:lol:

BTW I'm working on the TL will update shortly

-Fisher :afro:

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Nu Tone- Milllies Theme
Big Bud- Millenium (Utah Jazz Remix)
Break-Winter Sun
DJ Stretch-Papa Lover (Serum Remix)
Heist- Semi Skimmed
Heist- Terra Hawks
Jaydan- The Shadows
Redeyes- Soul Brother
S.P.Y. & Total Science- Testimony
Sigma- Nexus
Total Science- Nosher (Marky & S.P.Y. Remix)
Roughcut- Run away
Roughcut- Overlord
Break & Hydro- Future
Memba and Devize- Survival
Original Sin- Promise Me
S.P.Y.- Sunship
Calibre- All the days
TC- King of Africa
???- Friends Track, no Idea
In My Head?
Physics and Alix Perez- For the masses
J Magik & Wickaman- Look to the Future (TC Remix)
DJ Fresh- Foreigner
Dminds-Ouch (Drumsound & Bassline Smith)
Xample- Lowdown
*right before I got the VIP* ;(