first tune


Liquid Roller
I don't know anything about FL so I can't help in that respect, but I'll try to give some feedback...

The drums are programmed well, I like them a lot, but they are still a bit empty. They need a lot more percussion and things to fill the gaps, also the hi-hats aren't really prominent enough.

The bass is fine but isn't really, bassy enough. I would suggest lowering the volume of the distorted mid-range bit slightly and adding a sub bass, just a sine or something to back up the low ends more. The entire tune is quite high-range and could do with darkening up a bit, the kick needs lowering slightly so it has a bit more punch. Only a bit, mind. It's not too bad, just a bit too close in frequency to the snare. I'd just boost the EQ around the 100hz range a bit. And the snare could do with boosting in the 200-400hz range to give it a bit of fatness and punch, maybe layer some snares on top of each other, each with different timbres and frequency ranges. They should have a punch, a snap and a crunch.

The opening pads are nice but are a bit too plain, could do with some automation on a filter or some sort of thing, a few envelopes which make it open up a bit over time, such as a filter cutoff. But yeah, the lead/bass distorted thing is definitely too overpowering and kind of destroys the impact of the snare.

I like when the drums come in in the intro, sounds really good, shame it is so overpowered by that sound I mentioned before. The entire mix could do with filling up a bit. At the moment it seems to contain kick, snare and lead/bass sound. Add some strings, piano, and other little bits which add interest to the composition and sound of the whole piece. It has a lot of potential, but it just needs to be beefed up a lot. In the words of Hipnotic (check hipnotic's eq tutorial, everyone should, it's amazing) "Fill the box".

But yeah, if this is really your first tune it's really good! Seriously, I don't think I really believe it's your first effort, it's impressive and I'll have to watch out for you :) Just remember, fill your mix! My first tunes only had 4 or 5 tracks on it, and now they have in excess of 20 or 30 instruments. Build up a massive library of sounds and your tunes will benefit instantly. Don't get me wrong though, you have to select them well and give importance to certain ones, but that professional quality comes out a lot when you start building up your mix. Obviously don't have dozens of instruments playing at the same time or it'll sound like a jumbled mess, but a little SFX type thing every so often, a chord stab on the first beat, a sample on the 4th, switching between instruments slightly every 4 bars or so, it'll help a lot :)

Big ups though mate! It's very good stuff. Majorly impressed. Hope this post hasn't been too negative, just a bit of feedback hopefully!