DnB First tune, how can i improve it


Feb 12, 2010
I hate pointless vocal samples. Your kickdrum is way too soft. Your snare is an obnoxious clap, way too sharp for something that is very minimal, plus it has hard reverb/delay . The bass is...okay. But the 4 bar repetition is grating. It sounds like a secondary bassline, because of its limited range. I understand you only have 2 minutes of material, but try and learn basic composition. I highly suggest looking up Danny Byrd's masterclass on youtube for basic guidance if you aren't into reading. Might I ask what branch of jungle you are trying to make/if you have any references towards inspiration? The only one I can even remotely compare to from my personal listening experience is Loadstar, and thats a far distant, minuscule comparison. Keep up the work though! experience is really the only way to get better.
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