First track

There is something wrong with your drums. Kick and snare are too lost in the mix and doesnt give punch and energy the track deserves.
I like the reverse sound just before the drop. The track needs variations, it gets really repetitive.

If I can give you and advice, if you think your mix is muddy, just try to make a track in a minimalistic way. Like, just drums and a bass pattern, but everything has to sound really good. Take a lot of time choosing kicks & snares samples, try to layer snares, kicks, hi hats. I think it would help your sound to be more clean.
When I get started to produce I had spent like hours, days just to create a drum beat that sounds "good". In my point of view its really important. I'm still a beginner, but that helped me improve.

Your track is not good but its not that bad, there are interesting elements. Keep on working mate, its worth it :)