First Track... "I Need You"


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I'm feelin those synths at the begining. Kinda old school vibes. Vocals are mixed nicely too.

My only problem with it (other than the fact that, as you said, you need to very it a bit more) is that the drums are a bit weak. Layer another break or 4 underneath the main break. Try and beef up the kick too. Its a bit weak.

Overall I like it mate. Nicely mixed. Good and catchy. Just variation and a beefed up beat to get this really kickin and ur sorted ;)
for your first tune, impressive. dont really think a break is essential here.. definitely not 4 anyway.

what i will say is find yourself a better kick drum sample. the one you are using at the moment is too weak. Vengeance sample packs are great for 1 shot hits. dont go nuts on the layering - i tend to stick to 2 kicks - one for the 'meat' and one for the top end character. any more and youll just be stacking peaks and end up with phasing issues (EXTREMELY common with kick drum layering) and you will lose all the natural power of the kickdrum...then eq (ensure kick does not hit at same frequency as your bass, maybe slight boost at 3-5k to bring out the 'click' of the kickdrum.) compress to taste.

wouldnt hurt to lay down some hi hats to make your beat roll a bit more too. these days i tend to stay away from breaks (re: start of my post) and just write my own. you will learn much much quicker than just slapping someone else's drum break over your tune and hi passing it... not to mention, there will be loads of junk in there that'll just eat up headroom most of the time. be creative and have fun.

hope some of this advice helps. Youre off to a good start mate!
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I really like those synths in the begging,but as the others said those drums are too weak. But anyways this is great for a first track
Cheers everyone for the advice and constructive criticism.
I'll tweak it up a little bit and see what I can do to make it sound bigger.

I'll be making a new tune with this advice as well.
Be posting that later to see if I've gotten any better at doing this stuff. Ha.