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Oct 18, 2003
american midwest
....starting out mixing, did everyone here start off learning to mix Drum and Bass/Jungle OR did you start on something else?
reason i ask is cause i am starting out, i LOVE drum and bass and it is what i want to mix.
i know it ain't gonna be EASY i've tried before with my friends house records 4 years ago, but learning to mix house or trance (which seems easier) FIRST, THEN DnB, seems like overkill.
i mean...i will be miserable for the time being, just so i can learn? it doesn't seem right to me.....not to mention everything is n what not. i'd do it if that is the way it needs to be done...HELP :shrug:
they say: "a pianist needs to learn "twinkle, twinkle little star" first before he can tackle a piece from mozart"
is my analogy true, start on what you like? or do i have to "work up to" that point?
thanks in advance.
Play what you like, every genre has a different formula in terms of mixing, so just do what sounds right! :D
I started out playing Acid Techno & a bit of Hard Trance but soon you start to realise what breaks & basslines you enjoy in records & what style of music you want to end up playing. D&B & jungle is hard to mix with in the beginning because there are so many elements moving within the music all the time, & I think thats what confuses people when they try & mix with it.
I find it easier mixing with the snares there pretty much what keep the whole track in sync with each other & mark good points to mix with. :p
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I started off mixing hard techno/gabba, similar to hard trance in terms of beats but a little bit faster!

Try mixing quite simple tunes, with nice clean drums and non complex basslines. I used to stick to the rule of not touching the fader until I know they're the same speed, can't get messy after that.
Standby said:
nah u wanna start off mixin some breakage or tech itch trust me :teeth:

i got some tech itch coming, actually, funny you say that....
i am trying to listen for simplicity in what i hear when i buy records. i think i have a good idea as to what i am listening for.
i am excided bout this..been a while in the making.
thanks to everyone who replied. :D
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