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The Eturn

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Jul 29, 2002
downloading now, but who knows how long it will take with this grueling dial-up.

you could probably get a lot more listens if you had a streaming version..just looking out

here is something I have been working on..not really finished..still need to get the drums going off after the drop and some more production...but if you got some time check it...its a low quality stream it will buffer quick

The Eturn - Blunted Love


and I'll let you know what I think when the bastard downloads


jay walker

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Jan 15, 2003
between a rock and a hard place, Hants
aint really feelin the intro on first listen - but when the drums come in it redeams itself.
Maybe try a fucked-up Vocal sample (someting scary, ya heard!)

What packages you use to make it in?

Overall - like this 1 , definitley a heavy sound thats appealing. EZ
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