First Time Mixing In Ages - Constructive Criticism Appreciated

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    Hi Guys,

    I used to be really involved with drum and bass from the age of 18-21. After that time I had to reduce my trips to london for events and concentrate on studying / my career.

    Im finally settled and have got the decks back out. I'm sort of hoping to use short youtube mixes as a platform for maybe getting a slot at a free party / something small... anything for a bit of fun as I haven't played out since I was about 20.

    Constructive advice much appreciated. From the mixing, the camera angles or my dancing etc...

    Thanks guys

    ... strong error at the end. This was Sunday night after being out all Saturday and not getting much/any beauty sleep. Time to stop mixing.

    EDIT: Forgot tracklist;

    Piece of Me (feat. Collette Warren) – Riya, Emperor
    Pieces – Nausika
    Suction Cap – Icicle & Safire
    They Think That – Rido
    Long Gone – Calyx & Teebee
    Hypnotize – Maztek Feat. Aeph
    Obsession – Enei Feat. DRS
    Pulsation – Insideinfo & Mefjus
    Dreadnaught (Phace Remix) – Icicle & SP:MC
    The Searching (Feat Emmy J Mac) – Karma

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