First Recorded Vinyl Mix

Howdy guys and gals. Tis my first recorded vinyl mix. Been waiting on new needles and phono to jack converter for months and months. Just looking for some feedback. I know it's not the tightest mixing you'll hear and there's a horrendous mistake near the start but just after some constructive crit :) Excuse me talking over the top in a couple places, was doing a radio show at the time and had to give shout outs.

Also, the EQing is crap as my mixer is shite. High and Low only :(

Much appreciated!

Benny V - Magic Box (Modified Motion remix)
Sigma - Front to Back
Ebony Dubsters-Power of Ra
Jonny L-Back to Your Roots(Friction remix)
Dizzee Rascal-Dirty Monee(subfocus remix)
Chase and Status-Hurt You
Delta Heavy-Take the Stairs
DJ Hazard-Mr Happy
Sigma-Paint it Black
High Contrast-Seven Notes in Black
Adele-Hometown(High Contrast remix)
Netsky-Memory Lane
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Mish Mash

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this isn't bad for a first recorded mix at all. the beatmatching is good for most parts, it does go out slightly in a few places but you correct it fairly quickly (almost!) every time.

record more of your mixes or even just record every time you mix, but just keep the recordings to yourself so you can hear which bits you are doing well, and which bits aren't quite so good. plus its cool to be able to look back at your progress.

also, you seem to bring in tunes in fairly random places, try to start tunes going at the beginning of a phrase. and when a tune is about to drop you should try to have the drop stand out more and eq out the other track a bit, rather than leave the previous tune on full volume and have the next tune only come in fully a while after the drop. and if a track has a breakdown its normally best to take out the other track that's playing to just have the quiet breakdown left in. for example in the back to your roots >>> dirtee cash mix.

but basically just keep recording your mixes and really scrutinise them to see where you can improve.

I'm only half way through so far so maybe I'll add more when I've heard the rest...
cheers for the feedback mishmash. much appreciated. yer now i got the ability to record im gonna start recording everything. i dont think it helped being quite high at the time, need to get a sober recording done :p think the only mix im really happy with on here is the collision>>mr happy drop. once again, feedback much appreciated :)

and cheers papa jaro. would be a beast to have on vinyl :D