First recorded mix, looking for some feedback.

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    Picked up tables mid May, been working at it since, but finally got around to recording my first mix. It was my first night having the recording set up, and was testing it out, kept mixing and it turned out alright.

    Just looking for some feedback here, any tips, etc. I know my beat matching needs work, I tend to try to correct it too much during the mix.

    Enough talk, here's the link.
    Friction & K-Tee - Overtime (Spectrasoul Remix)
    Alix Perez - Myriads
    >>Jubei ft SPY - Project 1
    Nymfo - Off the Radar
    Alix Perez - I'm Free
    Lomax - Metal Flange (Heist Remix)
    SPY - ASBO
    Noisia & Phace - Floating Zero
    Ulterior Motive - Featherweight
    Logistics - Murderation
    Spectrasoul - Glimpse
    Neptune & Fracture - The Trunk
    Nymfo - Proton Pack
    Loxy, Gremlinz, Matt-U, Munk & Spinline - The Justice League
    Nymfo - Matchstick
    Spectrasoul - 4 Points
    DJ SS - Black (Bladerunner Remix)
    Jubei - Patience
    SPY - Xenomorph
    Total Science & SPY - Gangsta
    Lenzman - Coincidence ft Jo-S
    Hive - Standing Room Only
    Spectrasoul - Peninsula
    Break - Isis
    Icicle & Noisia - Driftwood
    Spectrasoul - Absentis
    SPY - Dark Age