First of many mixes... if you guys like


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Nov 11, 2003
First time posting a mix online....

Im finishing the upload now...
the tracklisting is pretty much dark and heavy as thats pretty much all i like to spin....

--TRACKLIST-- for djwicked-octmix.mp3

Intro - Power of Darkness - Panacea / Invisble Man - Keaton - The Invisible Man EP
Pressure 2003 (v2.0) - John B
Possession (Kemal & Rob Data RMX) - Faith In Chaos
Prince of Darkness - Panacea
Ruff Rugged & Raw - Mason Feat. MC Armani Reign - (FREAK003)
Pressure Drop - Technical Itch - Penetraton (TIP010)
Bullet Time - )eib( - BC Recordings (BCRUK004)
Screamer - Ram Trilogy - Screamer EP (RAMM44)
Signal - Fresh - Ram Recordings (RAMM46)
Mutationz III - Kemal - 23 Degrees From Vertical (DSCI4LP 001)
Nosher - Total Science - The Bridal EP (advr007)
We Want Your Soul (Ed Rush + Optical RMX) - Adam Freeland
Vault - Pendulum - Kingz Of The Rollers Vol 3
Skittles - Ram Trilogy - Screamer EP (RAMM4)
Mass Hysteria (Hive RMX) - )eib( - Human Imprint (HUMA8007)
The Rukus - Techincal Itch - Penetraton
Troubleshoot - Resonant Evil
The Map - Ram Trilogy - Screamer EP (RAMM44)
Elm Street - Fresh )eib( - Mind Machine EP
Headcharge - Dylan - The Earth EP

To download click

and browse to the music dir.... then double click on the mp3 and save as..

Im also uploading another mix which is about 30 min or so

Tracklisting for dj wicked 30min Nov.mp3

Listen Here (Dillinja Remix) - Adam F
Inner Sense - Dylan & Friction
Reactor - Raiden
Infection - Raiden
Toxic Shock- Pendulum
Trail of Sevens- Pendulum
The Plague (DJ Trace Remix) - Keaton
3 seconds is Now (Panacea Remix) - Cativo
B there 4 u (Dylan & Robyn Remix) - D.Kay & Raw.Full

hope someone enjoys them as much as i did...
tell me what you think...

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