First Mix!!!


Nov 21, 2010
Hi, been mixing for a while but haven’t really recorded much stuff so I thought I would post my first real attempt at recording a mix. Any kind of feedback and tips would be much appreciated. Did this on 2 1210s and Ecler nuo 5 mixer. Enjoy!

Join the Dots - subfocus
>> DVNO - justice rmx
Kronix - Culture shock
>> Tear You Down - Brookes Brothers
Isis - Break
Vice Chase - Culture Shock
St Elmo - Baron
Flashback - DC Breaks
Turn up the Sun - Baron
Borrowed Time - TC Ft Subfocus
Gold Dust - Fresh
Pink Flamingos - High Contrast
Feet Won't Touch The Ground - Danny Byrd
Quite Perfect - CLS & Wax
Aztec - Spor
Shine - Influx uk (Nero RMX)
Skirmish - Shimon & Andy C
Blinking with Fists - Baron
Evolution - Ram Trilogy (Marcus Intalex Remix)
Play Me - Mampi Swift
Darlicks - Fresh
Angels and Demons - Contour
>> The Unseen - Camo & Krooked
True School - Cold cut (Quemists RMX)
>> Game Over - TC
Scrambled eggs - Roni Size
>> Lyric on my Lip - Tali (Marky RMX)
Front to Back - Sigma
Ska - Zinc
Promised - Bassface Sascha and Sranksen
Outer Space - MIST
Lost in This World - Netsky
Runnig Time - State of Mind
Universal Truth - Matrix and Futurebound
Old Times - Holdtight
1984 - Alix Perez
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