First mix on Gemini CDJ'S 203's

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    Jul 22, 2009
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    Hello fellow Bass fans.

    This is my first post and my first mix of the decade! No lie,
    It's been a while since I have mixed anything, anyway.
    I have just got some Gemini CDJ'S. I have done a mix, here's the link. (I have purchased all these tunes, from a number of places, Juno, Track it down, Beats Digital & Lavamus)
    The track list.
    Title Artist
    Kill your Killer . James Bass
    Dragging the block Alpine Dub
    No more pain Mischief & Mayhem
    Frequency Skanka Dominator & Flat T
    DK Foyer World never changes
    Nukes Bones Jones
    Species (rmx) Dominator & Flat T
    Better off dead GP WU
    Jigsaw Hoogs
    Drunken Master Alpine Dub
    La Swat DJ Premium
    The Devil GP WU
    Devastation DJ Premium
    Bible Machine J Rabbit
    Perfect Killer Fineprint
    Battery Rawtee
    Raise SPL
    Are you crying Poolse
    All times Bonkrooger
    Reactions Premium Dub
    Sexy get dark Split personality
    Swagga Makky Gee
    Here it comes Mischief & Mayhem
    Mind Games Reso
    Rhyno Receptor
    Know this sound Gridlok
    Sphere Current Value
    68.7% Chance Dominator & Flat T
    Everyone Bleeds Silent Killer
    Make my day Dirty Deeds
    Delicate situation Decimal Bass
    The Master Majistrate & Nicol
    No Sunshine Zodiac
    Dub Control Hordak
    Species (original mix) Revolution & Drastik Measures
    Spectre of Subways Krot
    Kaiza Eon Ft Try & Error
    Between Us Beastie Noizes
    Cracked Eye Jazzatron
    Fourward White Noise Down
    Furlonge High Commision
    Just For A Moment Ultima C

    If you want to check it out, you can download or listen to it here>>>

    It's not the best mix in the world, but It aint that bad either! CDJ'S are not as easy as 1210's as I have found, I can only get better with them...