First mix in a very long time!

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    It's been about 7 years since I shared a mix with anyone, so here goes nothing:

    I've only got back into DJ'ing in the last couple of months and I consider myself still a little rusty, I decided there is no better way to improve than to share a mix with the experts, any feedback welcome!

    Here's the track listing:

    1.Arrakis (Noisia Remix) by Black Sun Empire
    2.Mind Feeders (Original Mix) by Dom & Roland
    3.No Way Out (Original Mix) by Optiv, BTK
    4.Arc Light by SILENT WITNESS
    5.Arcadia (Original Mix) by Ed Rush
    6.New Design (Original Mix) by Break, DLR
    7.Big Blow (Original Mix) by Teddy Killerz
    8.Ritual (Original Mix) by Dom, Sketch
    9.Block Control (Original Mix) by Noisia
    10.Chubrub by Ed Rush & Optical
    11.Headbangers Ball by NYMFO
    12.Unconscious (Original Mix) by Black Sun Empire, State Of Mind
    13.Strobe (Original Mix) by Dom & Roland
    14.Machine Room (Original Mix) by Teddy Killerz
    15.Sanctum (Original Mix) by Audio
    16.MPD (Original Mix) by Noisia, Phace
    17.The Quest (Break Remix) by Calyx, TeeBee
    18.Sociopath (Original Mix) by Gridlok, Prolix
    19.Diplodocus (feat Noisia) by BREAK
    20.Merkling (Original Mix) by Dom & Roland
    21.Milkshake (Black Sun Empire VIP) by Black Sun Empire, Eye-D
    22.Snaggletooth (Original Mix) by Ed Rush, Optical
    23.Trippy (Original Mix) by Break, Silent Witness
    24.Believe (Original Mix) by Noisia
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