First mix im happy with, not perfect yet.. but ya.

#1 very short, no clipping, sounded

i gotta work on my sidechain action. the bass is still drowning the kick out i think. i learned to split the bass into three frequency's and put effects on them all. i did no respampling and made all the sounds myself, with the help of advice found online. I took my automation off the eq for this one, although i did like the way it sounded until i got into my car.. then it was junky. So i think this sounds ok on my car for once.. not over powering in highs or lows. still gotta work on my mastering lol.

ive been lurking without an account but now that i got half a song down i figured id join it for advice. thanks for any help peace! with the eq automations idk.. i think it may be fixed well see
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Nice one for posting. How long have you been producing?

The bass sounds way too loud to me, you are right it is killing the drums. Have you got any meters to monitor the levels of your master channel? Start with just you Kick playing and set it to -10db then add in your snare to fit with the kick. Once they fit together, the levels should be still close to -10db. Then start to bring in your bassline, use your ears, but also use the meters, move it up slowly 1 db at a time, and then once it is in the mix, you want to have the levels on your master channel about -7 or -8 db. That should be about right. Its obviously only a guideline, but when I first started I couldnt hear the relationship that well, and still struggle a bit, and really rely on monitoring the levels. Doesnt matter that the levels are low, as long as it is balanced correctly. Then after you got drums and bass, then your start to add your bits on top, or at least that is how I mix my stuff down. Its really hard at first, and your bad mixes will not be bad from your mixing as much as they will be from not getting the source sounds properly finished so that they can go in a tune. Your drums sound weak and a bit lifeless at the moment, try to watch some videos about making breaks, processing breaks etc. Keep working at them, you will get there.

You talk about splitting your bass into 3 and effecting all of them. Be careful how much you do to your Sub Bass section. Minimal Overdrive/Distortion/Saturation at the most is really fine. Make sure your sub bass section is Mono, and once your bass is all parts together look at experimenting with and EQ and a notch filter. If you sweep that around 200-500hz, you will find a sweet spot that takes out a lot of mud from your bass, and instantly helps your bass come through clearer.

Here is a decent web resource for you, read it all, use it all, just do it religiously, then once it is applied, experiment with the settings they tell you to use. People will say there isnt a set way for your settings every time, and they are right, but this guide saves you a whole lot of time in the dark trying to find the holy grail, as it gets you in a ball park region, and then its up to you to figure out the nuances of things around those safe starting points.