First finished (ish) dnb tune

chris getme

Dub Logic
Jul 25, 2008
Pretty much done but havnt done anything on it in a while. Still let me know wot u think. Its just called untitled. Just done my myspace so looks a bit budget.

Theres one sub in there ( theres a sort of bleep at this point) that sounds sick on its own but I cant get it higher in the mix, any suggestions? Let me know what you think Cheers
For a first song its pretty good i think. Really liked the reggae feeling into the beats, curious with what you come up next. Nice work there
im feelin it was a bit basic to start off with, but you got a nice arrangement of sounds there, it all compliments each other well, got a jungly old skool vibe to this, very nice!
As for the beep maybe just turn it up???
If that dont work then u can try stereo imaging the sample to spread it, if you dont have a stereo imager then export the beep an clone it pan one completly left an the other completly right, thats a diy way of spreadin. then it should be more prominent in the mix, nice work there man keep it up!
Yea cheers for the feedback yo.
I was refering to a wobbly sub bass that starts when the rewind effect and the bleep happen. Iv got 2 different sub bas ounds that alternate for the next 32bars or so. I think I need to beef up the bass sounds really.

For those that will be playing these out of not great speakers, are the bass sounds audible?

Check out the hip hop tune aswell if u want!
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