First Dubstep track - Anything You Say - (Feedback Welcome)


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not bad in terms of ideas...but really sounding flat atm

3 things real important in dubstep (and a lot of other genres), the kick, snare n sub..

kicks n snares need 2 be prominant, punchy and have presence in the mix.
sub bass needs to have its own space so eq everything else so its cut up to at least 60hz.

once u have that base set its all about groove and rhythm, and with ur lead synths ofc
ur drop has minimal impact..try a transition swoosh or a reverse cymbal to add tension

make sure u eq everything so everything has its own space...this means your instruments sound clearer in the mix, and you reduce the muddy-ness off sounds.
things like percussion can be panned slightly to make more room for other freqs

subtle sounds make a big difference in music play around with a few and thicken up your track...

remember though its all about what you can listen to other tracks and try to breakdown whats going on, then use similar techniques as your inspiration for your track!
hope my tips help :)