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I Am Not The King
Feb 8, 2002
know its important to get feedback as an artist but to upload your first ever dnb tune seems like a very bad idea to me. as one might expect with first ever tracks it isnt very good. did you compare your tune at all to drum and bass you heard on cd?


Aug 16, 2008
yeah also this is the production forum no the track reviews.

i like the beginning i start listening to it thinking nice.. heres the buildup at around 8 seconds i think where the fuck is my drop. whack a heavy sub at 8 seconds when it drops and if you are going to keep the melody in the background then drop it down afew notes and bring or bring it back in when your about to break it down. id also add 32 bars of buildup before this track starts.

drums sound pretty strange no offense there is no splash you need some high hats other that those (what sound like) closed hi hats doing some sort of shuffly thing. id layer some hats or a hi passed break over those drums getting sounding right, also your snare is too high i think i cant really tell it sounds like the shell of a snare who has decided not to turn up.

always use frequency analyzers to make sure everythings hitting at the right frequencies. theres no hi range whatsoever and mid is pretty non existant. its not clipping but the rest could have been so much louder if it was at the right levels.

i can see how after listening to this over and over again it would grow on you though, that sort of thing can be misleading. listen to a good dnb track then come back to your one. thatll shed some light.
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