First DnB Production 'Stay Forever' please!


I Am Not The King
Feb 8, 2002
you obviously know your way around the sequencer, for a first track this is really good. lighthearted synthy eurodance-ish.
musically it doesnt offer any surprises and the sound is very novice but you sure can string a song together. you play an instrument or so?
anyway my advice to you is to use different samples and patches. you sound here sound preset and generic,
try and use more interesting sounds. sick like quirkier, sample old vinyl, movies, tapes, scavenge the web, theyre easy to come by these days. btw i dont mean clown horns and cows moos, but im sure you knew that.

next time use the new talent forum please, or ill remove the thread. thank you.


Mar 7, 2008
That's pretty good for a first time... Not my kind of thing, but it sounds nicely produced, the elements of the track all seem to fit quite nicely together.
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