First Breakcore Tune - ANY comments welcome


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Apr 8, 2009
Hey all. Not up and coming at all, have listened to Drum and Bass for years, the love of my life. Was after some comments on my first tune, very fast but if you know what you are listenin' to you will know where i'm comin' from with it.

I have other stuff but do not class it good enough to show, i have this though and would like ANY comments.

This tune is not mixed down or mastered.

Tune is called Elucidate
digin it bro
maybe cut some decay off the intro cymbals
nice edits on the drums -would like to hear maybe another amen in there glitch up nice
sounds clean though bro
woah thats some crazyness right there.
not my thing but i can appreciate the production is pretty cool!

keep it up!
Thanks for all the comments everyone, appreciate it.

Didn't think many of you would be interested, thanks to the ones that aren't but still commented - I love the fast stuff always have.
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