First 1/2 (or1/4 depending on how much time I've got) of a mix by me, feedback please


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Hey guys, decided to do a big end-of-summer mix, got an hours worth of tracks, but I had to go after I'd only done 30 mins or so, so i've uploaded the unfinished article here, so hopefully you guys could give me some feedback before i mix the full thing, saving me a bit of time showing you and then going back and doing it etc

The first half goes from Liquid to more dancefloory stuff, and the second will feature some jungle, more rolling stuff and finally some more Liquid

It aint anywhere near perfect yet, but I guess it was first run through

Tracklist (first half)
Utah Jazz-Comfort Zone
Technicolour & Kromatic-Daydreamer
Grafix-I Must Say
Furlonge-Sin Bin
Brookes Brothers ft Futurebound-Dawn Treaders
Culture Shock-Gears
DC Breaks-Mankind VIP
Camo & Krooked-The Reward
Delta Heavy-Abort
Original Sin-Therapy
DJ Fresh-Heavyweight
Sub Zero-Fever
*Sigma-Hi Top (Ed Rush & Optical Remix)*
*Sub Focus-X-Ray*
DC Breaks-Babylon
DC Breaks-Halo
To Be Continued...

* if you are going to comment on the Fever/Babylon transition, theres actually meant to be tracks between them, I just forgot