Firefly // Nottingham // Sat March 13th

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    ***/// Firefly Saturday 13th March ///***
    ***/// Marcus Garvey Ballroom Nottingham "Acid House Special" ///***


    /// JON CARTER ///

    /// CHRIS FINKE ///
    [atomic jam | flux | Mrecs]

    Plus our lovely residents.. More info here

    Early birds Priced: £10 are available now!!
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    Becca: 07882068639
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    As we roll towards the huge Firefly 10th Birthday show in June, We’re very very proud to be able to bring someone to Nottingham who has pretty much pioneered the Manchester derived acid tinged sounds we all know and love. Gerald Simpson as his family know him, or A Guy Called Gerald to the rest of us, started making music in the 1980’s and has been a dance music institution ever since. From his Manchester roots he started the infamous band 808 State, making anthem after anthem which still live on to this day. He has worked with pretty much every artist from Goldie and Krust, to Findlay Quaye and has been credited with the release of the first ever full length Jungle based Drum and Bass album ever in 1995.

    His regular trips to Fabric playing Techno and doing Live Drum and Bass shows, still shows his ability and desire to rock a crowd still lives….. In his own words….

    When u hear the name A Guy Called Gerald most people in this day and age would probably say "Who the hell's that?", those of you from back in the day are probably saying "I wonder what he is up to now" or probably have some sort of story around Voodoo Ray or Pacific State or Blow Your House Down or 28 Gun Bad Boy. Then there's another group of people who have followed me over the years and know the the full journey I've taken.

    Since I started in music I've seen the system change - the old structure crumble away as myself and many of the others I inspired emerged from the bedroom studio with our own self generating independence. I was one of the first to break the mould of the stranglehold that labels and studios and PR machines had on artists. Let me just say that information is techno. The record company dam was broken and there was a tidal wave. It was further fueled by cheaper and cheaper studio machinery and finally the nail in the coffin was the internet. You have no idea how happy this makes me feel.

    Getting back to now I wasn't one then or now for riding the tidal wave so I want to give you an idea of what your experience will be hearing A Guy Called Gerald Live. I have a unique insider's view of dance music from the early 80's to now. I started out as a 14 year old dancer sneaking into clubs in Manchester when electro funk was the underground sound. No matter through what genre or in what decade you discovered this music I can guarantee you will leave with a clearer picture of the entire spectrum.

    My aim is to give you all a deeper understanding with as much enjoyment as is physically and mentally possible using the three elements more frequently missing from this music - the basis of all dance music : RHYTHM, MELODY and BASS.

    /// A guy called Gerald Documentary ///

    Part one click here
    Part two click here

    Online Tickets available !NOW! from: ANTIDOTE 909
    £15 Standard Tickets. MOTD.

    The Marcus Garvey Ballroom,
    Lenton Boulevard,
    NG7 2BY

    Paper Tickets available from:
    Firefly Reps / Lissen / UNU box office / The Bag/ OHmyGOsH Record Shop Mansfield Road!

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    bottom line: expect smiley faces, fire eaters, big basslines, crazy visuals, party people and of course music to make your knees wobble!!