Drum & Bass Finding Song (Mampi Swift??)

Hi in this month i'm going to find some drum and bass song.
Those some songs come from a cd's that a friens does for me in 2006-2007.
With discography of dj Hype (from 1999 to 2006 (i use that period for sound of instruments)) i find a name: Mampy Swift.
One of song is "Play Me" with dj fresh you van find on youtube.
There were a lot of songs that i want to find but, one, more that other,but i can't find it.
Anyone know the song if can hear principal theme?? 2 bats on mp3 188kb (link under)

I find some problem with upload filw with forum's Attachments, i post link on my not working web site.

I write principal bass theme in 2 bats.
link for download or stream 12 second of bass theme is: http://www.ttmarche.it/mz/loop1.mp3
Pplease help me.
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high contrast - basment track
that sounds a bit like the loop u posted.
No it's more stronger song.
It's only drum and bass and little effects, not voice.
For me, is one of that's DJ (Hype, Krusty,Mampi.Fresh) sound it's realli similar to song of of Play me vip of Mampi & fresh but bass change in (mi,mi,sol,sol,do,do,si,si). i've found the track on :
[2005] DJ Hype. Drum & Bass Essentials (WSMCD218)-CD - 192 kbps 3cd's
Released: 2005
Genre: Electronic
Style: Drum & Bass
Quality: 192 kbps
Playing Time: 00:59:28 + 01:03:42 + 00:30:13
Total Size: 82,57 MB + 88,37 MB + 41,94 MB

[01] [Pendulum & Fresh] - Tarantula [04:43]
[02] [Clipz] - Slippery Slope [03:12]
[03] [DJ Hype, J Majik & Wickaman] - Dubplate Killa (Tear The Roof) [04:16]
[04] [DJ Hazard] - Selector [02:50]
[05] [Mampi Swift & Fresh] - Play me VIP [02:29]

I think it's one on them because the cd contain 3-4 track of these artist.
There were Disappear, Chopper and other like these.
Excusme for my english...

*Song not had similar loop of my upload mp3, but had the loop of mp3.
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Ok, i retry.

I had a cd's , now lost.
In this cd's there were 12 songs, 8 i've found, chopper, disappear, and other.
2 i can not find, is not problem but the other i need.

In this cd's there are writter 4-5 artist. DjHype, Shy Fx, ecc ecc.

1 days agoi found first of 4 songs.
Is the first of series that i don't remeber and find from cd.

This song is Play Me Vip of Mampi and Fresh.
2nd song have same sound, but bass id different.
On 2nd song i wrote bass on mp3 upload in ttmarche.it/mz/loop1.mp3
Now, after listen the loop of bass i think will be called "high Contrast Theme".
The name of artist that write one "high Constrast" remix, with sound like Play me Vip of Fresh an Mampi.