Finally finished a tune, looking for some feedback please!


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It's a good start but I think the bassline is a little bit too stiff.. there isn't a lot going on in the drop and it gets quite boring fast. The bassline needs more movement to bring this tune alive. A phaser or a flanger is a easy way to make basslines interesting ^^

I really like your melodies tho, they are really nice! Keep finishing tunes mate, the worst thing is when you get into a bad circle and just give up on every track you are making. If you finnish your tunes you have something to look back onto and see how much better you have gotten, thats quite nice :)
easy man, nice little beat you got going.

your drums are being overpowered by the bass, and as said it needs more movement!

if you hav'nt done it yet, split those bass bass frequency to give you more control !

well done !
Good track, it reminds me of this DJ SS track. I love it cause it's so "wrong." When the sub comes in you can feel it compressing everything else. Anyway, I just think it's a good example of super sub heavy bass with steppin drums.

It's fast as hell though, maybe originally as fast as 180.

Pitch bends. Pitch bends. Pitch bends. Pitch bends. It won't matter what the sound systems weak points are if you hit every frequency between 30-90Hz with the sub.

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mr meh

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cheers fellas

i know its not the best tune but gotta start somewhere!

and im really just trying to break my habit of not finishing anything, and also getting the arrangement right

anyway i'll be upping a few more tunes over the next few weeks which should be better than this (hopefully anyway lol)

thanks again, i appreciate the honesty!

*edit* - i just listened to it on my laptop speakers for the first time and it sounds pretty bad lol, especially the third 16 bar section of the drop, the sub is non-existant on the parts with the notes removed, sounded a lot better on the krk's
oh well :rofl: