FINALLY!!!! BigH recordings AUDIO!!!!! you can't miss this!

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    Aug 13, 2004
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    for those of you whom haven't checked it out yet.......

    these are some tunes from the
    Big H recordings crew!!!!!

    Jon-nag champa
    Garon & Jon-check it out
    wanna buy this record for only $6.99?Well then click HERE

    bigh002-OCT/NOV 2004
    Brandon Miles-Big Wheel
    submerged-cop killer-sorry no clip

    but to make up for it here is a link to a dub by
    Brandon Miles & John Merrik -The Game

    make sure to watch out for all of the crew in the future....... Brandon Miles and John Merrik got some wikked dubz about to come up. We'll make sure to keep you posted!!!!!!!!

    Brandon (not the owner)