Final Scratch, a Technological ORGASM!


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Jul 2, 2002
Burlington, NC
Peace. Well I got my package monday 9/9 and installed it
today on my office desktop 9/10. I had fugged with it before at
the desktop at my rest and had some display driver / monitor
issues, but I resolved them by editing the xconfigs in shell
mode to make the horizontal and vertical refresh rates right and
exact for my monitor. The I finally got it to show up
so now came the big test with my set up in my office,
where my decks are at.

If you are a DJ or Producer, you are going to bust a nut.
Your produce is simply made available for turntablist fondling
almost instantaneously. No need to order

- Hardly any latency, they were not kidding when they said
"needle drop" although watch the weight balance of the
cartridge on your Final Scratch time code vinyl and try not
to used warp or bent vinyl, sometimes that throughs the coding
off. And scratching????? FUGETABOUDIT!!!!! There is NO
working with digital, the meshes for the scratchs between
data points seem to be not existent. The shit is just seemless!
- Preservation of any windows filesystems and data, if you are
on windows
- OS infrastructure does not take up alot of rom (300-500 MB)
- hardware interface is not bulky, weighs less than 3 pounds
- record box editor allows you to find all digital media on
your fat32 partition(s) and imports them into record box
database, were you can enter additional info such as
proprietor, copyright, BPM for the track, and even stripe
tracks to show their wave profile, for easier cuing.
- replacement FS vinyl is only 20 bones, I know that is steep
but you must consider that data on the vinyl is one of a kind
state of the art time code signature, and you would pay that
for a 2 plate lp, and is much cheaper the pressing up
a dubplate for 50 or more bones. Plus you can scratch on these
unlike dubplates, which get ruined quicker.
- fug it, the shit works! Your selection and versatility as
a "disc jockey" will increase perhaps ONE HUNDRED FOLD or more
as you can take advantage of sonic media that has never made
it to vinyl. You can get that peculiar eclectic obscure sample
you have always wanted to scratch and WORK IT OUT!

- proprietory fscratch.img kernel :( not directly open source
and I don't see how they built the executables.
- molded on debian :( (no redhat molded version :( _
- can't import into an EXISTING linux os, creates its own :(
I kinda wanted to import it into my Redhat 7.3 os. I run
Win2k pro as a host at the rest, and Win2k advanced server
at the office.
- who in the hell heard of a linux kernel that can only access
fat32 file systems??? well that's what these muthafuckas did.
you can see the other filesystems on your machine, but
you can't mount them unless they are fat32. You can't even
mount a fucking linux native or swap file system with ext2 or
ext3. What the fuck is that?
- Documentation is alright, but you will be hard pressed if
you have monitor issues unless you go to the forum at to see how others edited there
xconfig files.
- grub boot loader takes over from your mbr, which is good for
linux heads who can stand the learning curve, but bad for
win os heads who had other os's besides their main win os
they wanted to access, that were booted from the mbr

That is all, back to my orgy, I will have sets coming out
soon, including some of my work that I produced. Peace.

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Jan 1, 1970
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Saw Dj Craze use this final scratch thing on one of the Breakbeat sets.. looks like it works well enough, but i dont think i would be a fan of luggin ya laptop around with ya.. defeats the the thrill of getting those much sort after plates..


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Jul 29, 2002
seems like this is going to be the next wave of the future! Everbody who I have came in contact with that has used it gave it nothing but props! I heard the price has reduced drastically over the past two years...What is the retail on this?


Aug 12, 2002
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big :thumbsd:

i don't care if it ties my shoelaces and reads me stories before i go to sleep. i dont like it.

vinyl only
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