Final 'Australian Atmospherics' show on


Golden Orb Weaver
Yo peeps!

Just wanted to let you know that I will be hosting one last 'Australian Atmospherics' show on

The show will be airing this Thursday at the usual time of 4-6am on the bassdrive schedule (+16 AEST) Just head to and click on the stream links.

Its been an honor hosting the show and being part of the Bassdrive family. Ive met some really ace people and had a some really great times but unfortunately I'm having to push some of my dnb projects to one side as I'm moving onto new things in my life.

Massive respect too all the support from around the globe for the show, golden orb records and my own projects. It's really fantastic to know that there's peeps out there who are into what I'm peddling, big ups! :)

So please tune in if ya can and don't forget to get into the bassdrive chat room accessible from the home page so ya can request ya shouts and talk some shite


Ash Operon