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    Hola putos frikis,

    Filthy Sanchez is a new record label based in Madrid and part of the melting pot records group.

    As the name suggests we are looking to release tracks on the dirtier/darker side of the drum n bass spectrum whilst identifying with the label’s Spanish roots.

    Filthy Sanchez is also the name of the character(see logo) we’ve chosen to appear on the artwork of our releases. As you can see he´s not fond of taking baths and he’s also a bit of an outlaw.”Filthy” will be a predominant figure as each release’s artwork will feature him in a different scene.

    We aim to help up and coming talented artists get the exposure they deserve but also work with established international drum n bass acts, all in the goal of spreading our own brand of filth across the globe.

    For release #1 we've decided to go with Russia's new kid on the block :Gancher.

    At just the tender age of 16, his releases(all digital so far)and unsigned tunes are already getting attention from some of the scene's heavyweights : Vengeanze,Kano & Cooh amongst others.His sound displays an incredible depth and maturity for his age and a promising career undoubtedly awaits him.

    A/Gancher-Angel of the light
    Not your average drum n bass track,angel of the light starts with swirling synths and eerie ambiances before slowly unleashing a fat halfstep breakbeat.The drums become increasingly frenetic and a growling bassline is injected,progressively plunging you deep into obscurity.
    Constantly shifting up gears,this tune keeps you on edge all along, mainting the suspense until finally unleashing the pressure and rolling out to the end with devastating effect.
    With this offering, Gancher paints a bleak futuristic soundscape yet manages to produce a raw industrial energy, stimulating the mind,the body & the soul.

    AA/Gancher-Bad mad cat
    The flip is on quite a different tip and in an altogether more « in your face » style.The intro gives you no sign of what you're in for as drums delicately filter through mysterious atmospherics and vocal snippets.The drop is a hammer blow to the unsuspecting listener as huge bass stabs collide with massive drums that assault the speakers and send the dancefloor into a collective frenzy.This track inflicts damage throughout and ravers will be left begging for more where that came from.

    At all good record stores
    Red Eye Records
    Toolbox records
    Chemical Records

    peace out ;)