Filthcast 029 featuring Dub Elements 29.10.10


Oct 27, 2007
Filthcast 029 featuring Dub Elements
29 October 2010

Emerging in 2007, Spains Dub Elements have already established themselves as one of the most versitle production duos around, bluring the boudaries between drum and bass and hardcore and pushing the sound in their own unique direction.


Elements of Vengeanze & Forbidden Society - Set it Off (Forbidden Society Recordings)
Elements of Vengeanze - Radio Rock (Fall Out)
Donny - Crawler (Prspct Recordings)
Elements of Vengeanze - Tremendo (Black Seed)
Dub Elements - Random (Maniphest)
Elements of Vengeanze - After
Uman & BTK - Generator (Uprising)
Dub Elements & Neonlight - Placebo (Prspct Recordings)
SPL - Take my away (Barcode Recordings)
Elements of Vengeanze - Dickbrain (Insekto)
Silent Killer - Supremacy Bleeds (Counterstrike Remix) (Ohm Resistance)
Dub Elements - Escape (Algorythm Recordings)
Dub Elements & Erre - Bass Up To The Top (Prspct Recordings)
Dub Elements vs Gancher & Ruin - Aftermath (Prspct Recordings)
Current Value - Bruja (Barcode Recordings)
Dub Elements & Erre - Popim (Prspct Recordings)
Dub Elements - Virus Ganchetoslammer (Mashup)
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