Figure - Must Destroy (Rotherman Remix)

I recently made this remix for the Figure remix competition and I just wanted to show it to a wider audience and maybe get noticed.

It's a drumstep track but also has an unusual dnb break on the second drop. I'd say it's not really in the style of anybody because I went a bit crazy when I was making it. Any feedback would be GREAT but I understand if you can't give any.



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Hey Rotherman,
Try giving feedback on other peoples songs. You know quid pro quo.
The song is annoying. That is not fact just my opinion. The variation is spectacular. The mix sounds good on my end.
I check out your soundcloud account and all your music is not bad. I just don't like your synth sound. Again not fact making your tracks suck just opinion meaning I do not like them to much. On a tech side I think they are pretty good. Hope to hear more and see you give some feed back on other peoples tracks. I know you could put in some great input because many people including my self need better and more variations. Something you have seem to apply well in your tracks.