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Throw some videos in here of people running there mouths off then getting a beat down with a quality KO, a simple cheeky beating or a glorious bully beat down.... (lets not put shit on here of people actually dying or getting stabbed or horribly disfigured.)

love this guy saying 'SHUT THE FUCK UP...." to a ranting racist in Singapore then delivers a monstrous slap.

Dudes jaw almost ends up on the moon....

Discovered this guy on youtube recently. Think these videos are a bit old but still golden. Do actually think the guy has some mental issues, check out the related videos. Its intriguing and cringe worthy too. Thinks hes an amazing boxer after he won a fight he rigged and a belt he awarded himself. If he punches someone once in the body he goes around saying hes knocked them out! clams hes knocked out wilder and mayweather senior! The guys an absolute joke, thought you lot might like a laugh at this guy!

Bit of backstory to this one too, the black guy isnt just being a prick. He comes into gyms, talks shit to people, saying hes going to beat them, claiming he wins all these fights. Soon as he takes a punch calls "time out" runs away, claims hes won! Absolute joker!