Fierce & Zero T - Sunshine (Quarantine Recordings) HUGE

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    Released on Quarantine Recordings (QRN2001 - 1/12/14). Quarantine have made a name for themselves as one of the most respected labels in the business. With a back catalogue that rivals the best of them, the imprint has featured notable artists including Fierce, Break, Ed Rush & Optical, dBridge, Silent Witness, Survival, Vicious Circle, S.P.Y, Noisia and Jubei just to name a few. After a hiatus Quarantine are now back in full force with head honcho Fierce teaming up with Irishman Zero T to produce 'Sunshine'. The blueprint to this number is relatively simple, but the end construction is pristine. As technically sound as they come, Sunshine has an old school flavour that is made to be heard on a full system. With an air of savage, guttural inevitability surrounding the drop it is hard to see any dance floors surviving this one. Absolutely fantastic stuff.


    Fierce/Zero T/Quarantine:

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