fiddle wid da mic,tha way dat ya like...

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    Oct 19, 2004
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    now then boyz and girlz. hows the world of drum n bass treating you??are we all going to pray for the loss of the sanctuary (sob) but also rejoice in the return of the bath and west showground (yea). im so excited i could shit!!only two weeks til slammin vinyl burns the south west with the pure soundz of tha number one playaz,one nation!!!!!!whose going???if ya not then you WILL miss out!!i'll see ya all there.
    one more thing, im looking to expand my mc'ing from the northwest.i would be very very gratefull if all you budding (and established) promoters could lend me your ears and eyes and take the time to look me up at
    if you want a demo this can easily be arranged in the form of cd and/or mpegs. hope to hear from you soon.all the best!!!!alan :hagglers: