Few Old Skool 92-94 sets

dj flow

Old Skool Head
Dec 12, 2003
Taunton, UK
Was looking on Choons.net at the Old Skool Dj's they have on there. This guy, Dj Backtrack, has posted 6 quality mixes all from the 92-94 era so have a look at the link, I strongly recommend them:


Found this while hunting around on t'net too:


"A mix of tunes from late 1993 and 1994, when jungle was jungle, the basslines were deep, the drums were infectious, and the tracks had soul in every single bar.
From vocals, to darkside, to rollouts, to deep breakdowns, to amen tearouts, this mix is a journey into what many consider to be the golden age of Jungle.

Includes tracks by Rufige Cru, DJ Mayhem, DJ Crystl, Droppin Science, Torchman, Dillinja, Skanna, Nookie, LTJ Bukem, Tango, DJ Rap and plenty of others.

24 Tracks. 62 minutes. 88 megs. 192kbps.

Heavyweight Junglizm"

- Toxic


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