Few HIP HOP beats... dusty vinyl shit here....

Dub Logic

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Nov 16, 2010
Bristol / Southampton
Ez peeps im a hip hop producer but mix dnb 140 etc.... few beats see wot u think..? critisism?

cud b kept as instrumental but mit get an mc ion it dunno yet....
DREADY BEAT instrumental version but have an MC lined up for this one.... by the name of Jungle VIP check him out!
Could be kept instrumental but cud also get an mc on it wot do u reckon....

Opinions here me now! crit etc wud b much apprectiated cheers, Dub Logic.

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sorry did the soundcloud wrappin thing but didnt embed.....
all shit hot beats. dope, as it were. you got the drums sound down really well, got that old sp1200 sound. im impressed. and yeah if you could put your thread in the new talent section next time that would be great, ill move this one.
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