few classics for sale!!

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    Im putting these tunes up on ebay if any of you lot are interested? pm me if you wanna offer a price for an individual tune or a few of em, nice1


    Dj hype and true playaz presents – Real Vibes
    Ray Kieth presents – Vintage Dread 2000

    Zinc: Faster inc Hidden Track
    Ram trilogy: Titan EP (Ram)
    Moving Fusion: Atlantis EP (Ram)

    Brockie ed solo, undiluted – A: dangerous B: turntable 1
    Brockie, undiluted- A: represents B: showdown
    Adam F, brand new funk
    Shimon and Andy C, Ram records- A: night flight B: quest
    Test 2a – A: Fluid B: hardnoize
    Scorpio , V recordings – A: trouble B: division one
    Ed rush optical and fierce, prototype- A: cutslow B: alien girl
    Die, full cycle – A:drop bear B: poison ivy
    M beat, renk – A: incredible B: Sweet love original mix
    Mampi swift, charge – A: the one B: the journey
    Shimon andy c , ram – A: bodyrock B: orient express
    Moving fusion andy c – ram – A: turbulence B: in session
    Papua new guinea- high contrast mix
    Hype zinc – A: ready or not ( fugees )
    Roni size – represent – A:brown paper bag B: western