fenriS - At Night

I like the atmosphere you've build in the intro. Your melodic theme though gets quite boring after a while, as there's no change in it. Also, you could definitely use at least one more instrument behind your main lead supporting the melody.

About mixing, your sounds are quite drowned at the moment. Lead could be quieter and loose a lot of that reverb (FL?). In a track like this the bass could be more distinctive. The high end could use some sparkle too.

Just my 2 cents.
Check out my track if you like:
Tuned in.

The drums could do with some beefing up. Try a simple trick, just rout them to 1 channel, put a a compressor with 2:1 ratio, -10db treshold and a few db makeup gain and then just a little of distorion in it. Might give it a little spark to bring the drums to the front. It is after all drum and bass.

That synth bass and sub bass were cut pretty far away, there was sort of a void between them. Try lowering the lead/bass type synth (ie. not the pad one) down one octave and see where that takes you.

Not bad for an early shot at it, at least much better than my first ones. Dont give up.
wow, thanks very much for your detailed feedback.
i'll try to implement your recommendations as soon as possible.

i'm gonna upload it when i've finished.

a question concerning the breaks: do you put a compressor or some other FX on it?


y it's the fruity reverb^^. didnt expect some1 to be able to filter it out.
nice sense of hearing ;)
Be careful about the compressing if you dont know what the settings actually do. Maybe a limiter (that is a compressor with fixed or limited settings) would server you better. Dunno. Sometimes you can even use just a little bit of reverb on breaks if you find them too choppy for the tune, or even a highpassed delay turned down and synced to tempo to keep it rolling continuously.

sorry that i took me so long, but was very unmotivated the past few weeks.
but here we go with take 2 of my beat ;)

Soundcloud again

what i've done:

- the compressor and dist, as kama advised me 2 do
- less reverb on the lead synth, and i've lowered one of the two OSCs by 1 octave. (lowering both sounded 2 dull imo)
- added a pad synth for the main parts.
- and the breaks got some EQ on the high frequencies.

so thanks so far. the first try remains uploaded in case u want to compare.

i'd be happy for more opinions. :)
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