female vocal liquid dnb track ID

First let me just say that this is my absolute last resort, because I have spent the last 2-3 hours trying to google all possible combinations and interpretations of lyrics, looked up multiple dnb female vocalists, possible artists, called people and played the song for them, tried to sing the song to them (which made everyone even more amused let me tell you) and I CANNOT FIGURE IT OUT. I feel psycho right now because I'm losing sleep over this... usually I can find anything on the internet if I search extensively enough and THIS SONG HAS ELUDED ME.

PLEASE HELP ME I'M DYING (to know the name of this song)

It is from one of Respect LA's recent DnBRadio shows, from approx. 44:00 to 46:50. Here is the link to the recorded video show:

thank you thank you thank you thank you
here is (my best interpretation of) the vocals for all you lazy people:

I cannot see into space with my own eyes
I cannot breathe (with my head too?)
So tell me or give me something that will help me
Cuz being on my own its too far

I cannot see without gravity its all upside down
So I open that door and let the light shine through
Should I give up trying to get through this atmosphere
Cuz me on my own its too far through

So get your head up spin round
I can see now get down
With the galaxy around
Take a step back get of the ground