Female UK Vocalist / Lyricist / Songwriter / Performer


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Hey, I posted on one of the other boards but figured I ought to stop by here and introduce myself properly...

I'm 23 and based in Leicester. I'm currently working in a live acoustic duo (bread & butter stuff, weddings, parties, restaurants yadda yadda yadda), and am looking to work on some new projects.
I'm looking for producers of DnB & Dubstep mainly, although I'll consider any genre, to collaborate with - I write lyrics & melodies, or full songs, or am happy just to provide vocals for tracks already written.

You can hear some of my acoustic covers here: http://www.soundcloud.com/monroeband

I can work remotely if req'd - got access to pretty top rec equipment so am happy so lay things down my end and pass them over to you. I'm also interested in live projects.

All projects considered - give me a shout if you need me!