Feel full track how I can do it?

Discussion in 'Production' started by Czyku, Jun 13, 2014.

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    Hi, my question is about how do feel full track like it : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LlpZNkUVX1A&index=20&list=RDYd72_aJqM9g

    When im listen it i fell that track is full. Strong bass, good high and medium and sub dont feel but is. I think he is but dont feel like another track. Its like mid bass have a full bass and its sound great. When I do my subs are muddy and mid bass havent power. How do sound that will feel full and have power without muddy. I know mix and good sample choice. But what i'll doing its not power or muddy, or is good but not full like that track. For comparison its my last track : https://soundcloud.com/czyku81/czyku-kick

    Sorry for bad english, i think u know what i mean :)
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    there are alot of threads like this already... just take a look around

    But stereo. Thats a main principle. Get the low frequencies (sub, low bass, kick, low end of the snare) in the middle of the mix. Or mono in orther words. With the rest you can play a bit. Panning, stereo widening, delaying, reverb, that stuff...
    Don't overdo it ofcourse, but this are some things you can try to get that more wide feel.

    Also, quite important, not only for a good feel, but just a clean track: eq. eq. eq. So everything has its own space to 'breathe' in, and nothing clashes, maybe get resonant sounding notes/frequencies out there...