Feel free to spam my boy's mix, it's proper boh and he can always use cheering up


Moar liek Slam plz, srsly
Yes, it's dubstep, you probably hate it, you've made it abundantly clear. But until Andy stops acting like Klute and puts out some live shit, perhaps you will have enough free time to hit up a 10-minute minimix. You're not out catching Kony or helping the guy who made the video stop beating off in public, so assuage the guilt of being a person with an internet connection in a first-(and-a-half-ish-)world nation by clicking below:


Soundcloud link therein as well.

I think some of his production's sounding pretty decent and I know he'd be stoked to win this contest. So c'mon, 10 minutes. Or don't even listen, just take 2 seconds and vote with your facebook or twitter. Or just hate. Honey Badger and Jakes don't give a fuck.

Craig David thanks you for helping him out.