Feedback on this new track (mixing etc)

I've managed to make changes to the mixing (on my original track bass trap) so that all of the tracks no longer clip apart from the vocals which unless clip can't be heard on the track so I just let them clip (only clip on there individual channel strip) as I don't see how else to leave them in? The output track doesn't clip at all and I have linked to the track if you would have a listen. I have tried A-B ing by comparing the volume to a dnb track or two and I think the overall track volume is a lot more similar now, however I'm unsure of how to get certain parts of the track to stand out such as the last drop 2.25 onwards I think the drums need to be louder but I'm not sure whether I should do this at the expense of making other parts of the track quieter? In preventing the clipping the majority of the compression on tracks is now turned off, think theres just a bit on the vocals. Can compression still be used to get parts to stand out without clipping somehow? If you could let me know all feedback would be really appreciated cheers.

heres the working progress track.
...such as the last drop 2.25 onwards I think the drums need to be louder...
Yeah they're definitely to quiet for my taste, the strange thing is, that your drums especially the snare is much louder in the first part. I would also try to use saturation and a little distortion on the drums beside compression to make them sound louder and more present. And the fx sounds (3.02 for example) are to loud compared to the rest.