feedback on m8's d&b tunes (hard and dark)


May 4, 2004
My mate who has been making drum & bass for around 5 years now (3years on pc) needs 2 get noticed. He says he hasnt got what it takes yet, but i keep saying he has got some serious talent and could go all the way with tunes that are like these..

These are just small clips of tunes he has got in the making now and these aint nowher near finished yet but i would just like 2 get some feedback from the junglists out ther and tell me if you could image this being played in the clubs,tell me if he needs 2 work on parts etc...

these are only very small mp3's so wont take notime at all 2 download um....and would luv 2 hear some feedback 2 say if you recon these are any good..

so what ya recon? talented or not?


This is Dog Fort
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Nov 29, 2001
ZESTOI said:
Try mate, put ya tune up there and wait for a review.
While I agree dnbscene is probably a better place for new talent, I would still suggest leaving your tunes on here too, they do get listened to by fellow users and some industry heads.

Bad Ace

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Jan 22, 2003
Hants, uk
rite im gonna b honest,these tunes arent exactly ready 4 a label,they are too bare if u get me?!?but as u have said they arent complete so they mite not sound n e thing like his finished tunes but 4 5 years production i was expectin a bit more of the tunes u get me?dont take this to heart they aint shit but i cant see a lable sighnin these tunes up so far.keep workin on em and put as much effort u to put in if u wanna get sighned bro.peace mate ;)


I Am Not The King
Feb 8, 2002
right now the tunes kind of revolve around the drum programming. if the producer would focus on other things too like adding a few more elements and complicating the builds a little it would improve the music a lot. im with bad ace on this, it does sound a bit bare but the sound is good and he is talented.
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