feed back would be welcome

heya kantango,

nice tune this,

drums sound nice tight n snappy but i can hear something and im not sure whether its intentional......

i can hear a double splat on the kick drum at the beg of each bar, more noticeable in the drop, it sounds like youve layered a couple of kicks and one is slight off bar n hits just that mili 2nd afterwards.

Also i think the bass could be lifted a little and the spacing off the paddy sounds is sitting in the same tunnel space as the vocal, try pushing the pads out a bit wider and let the vocal cut throught the middle of ya mix

im not slating ya tune dude cz its a pukka tune, the structue, the arrangement and the overall tune idea is spot on!!

just tryner give you some constructive crits :) and if the double hit on the kick drum is intentional then fair enough

Keep up the good work



we have 2 new 1's up PROPER TINGS AND JEEPERS, if you get the chance drop by and let us know ya thoughts and crits, the main post is in the track reviews
liked the vocal sample A LOT. generally enjoyed the feel of the track from the start, only listening on shiiiiite speakers so cant comment on drums/mixdown etc but loved the ideas and movement throughout the track. snare does sound good though thru these shit things.

liking intro sounds, drums are kool, punchy enough but a little rigid, could be a bit smoother

breakdown is nice.......

vocal is real nice too

Drop could do with more sub, lost all its impact when the sub wasnt there

you wanna really swallow the track up with the bass, cos its rockin apart form that

drums need some work eq wise imo but the track is solid man, real good work

quantise the beats too ;)
Just had a listen mate, I like it and the idea of the track overall. The first kick of each drum loop sounds a bit out to me, like Zeal said before quantize your drum hits and it'll sort it out. Also I think the drums need to be a little more 'shuffly' cause they sound a little basic when the track drops, try adding a few ghost hits in the loop to give it more of a shuffle and make them more rolling. I think the vocal is a little too loud in some parts, not by much at all just a tiny bit. I like the bassline but it's too quiet in the mix and sounds like it's at the back when it should be more prominent, doesn't seem to drive the tune like it should.

It's nice to hear people making liquidy tracks, you've got some nice ideas so keep at it man (y)
this is good, keep making tracks please ;)

drums could use some EQ work. just A/B a tune you like and see where you end up

the female vocals are possibly a little too sweet when you do the looping/delayed effect at the end

was expecting a deeper, warmer bline. try a more analog waveform for you oscillators if you have one and definitely turn up the volume. if you can't get the bline to match average RMS with one of your favorite tunes use some sidechain compression
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