Features(DMK2783-000 datasheet and pdf download)


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Features(DMK2783-000 datasheet and pdf download)


Designed for High Volume Designs High Frequency (20–100 GHz) Exceeds Environmental Requirements for
MIC & Hybrid Applications Designed for Low Junction Capacitance
and Low Series Resistance Applications Include PCN Mixers and
Circuits, As Well As Low Power, Fast
Switching Low Parasitic Flip Chip Configuration

This new series of GaAs Schottky barrier diodes offer high performance at commercial market prices. They are designed for low junction capacitance, as well as low series resistance.Diodes are designed for MIC work (hard and soft substrates), but the leadless design eliminates the problems associated with mounting of beam lead diodes.Due to its rigid construction, it exceeds environmental requirements for MIC and hybrid applications.Diodes can be supplied on expandable film frame for high speed pick and place process.Standard packing will be in a gel pack.Flexible conductive epoxy is the most effective method for circuitry attachments. Standard mounting temperatures should not exceed 175°C.