Multi Genre "Fear and Horror" soundset for N.I. Massive

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    'Fear and Horror' contains 50 disturbing and frightful pads, atmospheres, sound effects, bells and other sounds for N.I. Massive, which are guaranteed to add that macabre touch to your tracks. All 8 Macros are assigned to each patch for maximum expression. Please note: This set is in the new NMSV format only.

    Product Page:

    Patch List

    AT Diabolic Lab
    AT Fight Or Flight
    AT Ominous Machine
    AT Sheer Terror
    BA Ambivalent
    BA Deep Drone
    BA Play Under A Pad
    BL Broken Church Bell
    BL Music Box
    BL Retro Horror Bells
    BL Rusty Bells
    DR Drums Of War
    DR Tribal Curse
    FX Cold Noise Hits
    FX Ectoplasm
    FX Electrocreaks
    FX Female Screams
    FX Foul LFOs
    FX Ghost In The Radio
    FX Hyperspace Gate
    FX Mecha Screamer
    FX Possesed Computer
    FX Shiver Rattle
    FX Telltale Heart
    FX TheyAlmostSawMe
    LD Nuveau Classic
    LD RequiemForMankind
    PD Alias Effect
    PD Alien Jungle
    PD Dark Monks
    PD Distressed Metal
    PD Horror Strings
    PD Malevolent Spell
    PD Nervous Twitch
    PD Neurotoxin
    PD Overture
    PD Padded Cells
    PD Penumbra OST
    PD Play Semitones
    PD Shivering Phantom
    PD Tension 5ths
    PD Vocaloid Baritone
    PD Wastelands
    SY Penumbra Zombies
    SY Plucked Distress
    SY Quaint Delusion
    SY Synth Pizzicato
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